Wedding Day / Conrad Centennial, Church of St Francis Xavier, Singapore / Shawn & Jacqueline

I never knew that there were dog-friendly hotels in Singapore! Shawn and Jacq had in mind to hold their wedding at Conrad precisely for that reason – they wanted their beloved corgi Cooper to be a part of the celebrations. Their big day was also right about the time that I adopted my own dog […]

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Wedding Day / Germany / Max & Fiona

I had the privilege of being asked to photograph Max and Fiona’s wedding down in the south of Germany in the Black Forest region. The journey there alone was an adventure! (9 hour drive from Calais!) but the day itself was just marvellous. To always be a part of two cultures joining together as one […]

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Wedding Day / St George’s Church, Singapore / Dalton & Rachel

It is always another level of excitement for me to cover a couple’s wedding day after having had the privilege to shoot their engagement. Dalton and Rachel held their matrimony at the gorgeous St George’s church followed by a banquet at the St Regis. They also had a second celebration at Riders Cafe which was a […]

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Wedding Day / Botanic Gardens, Singapore / Robert & Gabrielle

Unconventional. Rob’s marriage vows to Gabby began with the word “unconventional”. This sweet couple opted to do away with the conventional fanfare of a wedding and came over to Singapore from Melbourne to say their vows amidst the simple, scenic backdrop of the Botanic Gardens.

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Wedding Day / SICC, Singapore / Mark & Pearlly

The wedding of Mark and Pearlly was beautiful. I especially remember Pearlly as a really thankful and contented bride who was filled with so much joy; even right from the morning, she was sharing with us the people who made the wedding possible, and how everything (weather included) fell nicely into place. Indeed nothing beats […]

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Wedding Day / Alkaff Mansion, Singapore / John & Jillian

In my early years of wedding photography, I learnt from a mentor that weddings should be a celebration, and not a show. Many couples today understandably get caught up with the day’s activities, but some get so stressed out that they end up being eager to get the day over and done with. Not so […]

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Wedding Day / Da Paolo, Singapore / Terence & Rain

Beautiful. I realize I use the word ‘beautiful’ a lot. Because really, to me there is no better way to describe weddings and relationships apart from this simple but yet profound word. Every wedding is unique, and has a story to tell; and it is these stories that I relish, that inspire me to do […]

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