The Photographer

Hello photographer hunter! My name is Joseph.

It’s a funny thing how each of us function as individuals, how each of us love, how each of us remember. Me? All my life I’ve always been terrible at languages. I have a hard time remembering prose. Songs. Words. Sometimes, even names! But pictures? Images? I’ve always loved that.

One of my first memories with a camera was when I was five. It was a rainy day in the south of France. I remember holding the camera and moments before I pressed the shutter worrying about camera shake. How ironic that twenty odd years later, the same fears still plague my mind.

In between those twenty odd years, life has passed by faster than I could ever have imagined, and yet, like any person who has sat down in the middle of their room on a lazy Sunday afternoon and glanced through an old photo album, memories are abundant and recalled through one artform, and one form only. The simple photograph. It is this that has driven me to love photography, whether it was with my father’s SLR camera to my first digital compact, I have always wanted to push the boundaries further, to see what no one else does. The images that I want to capture I hope will be images that will last a lifetime, encapsulating the emotions, the feelings, the memories in a single frame.

In this sense, that is why the wedding is such a perfect subject for photography. From the emotions, to the occasion, the photograph at a wedding is one that will be treasured for ever, ’til death do us part, and even thereafter.

My name is Joseph, and I am a photographer. Let’s capture some moments.